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16 November 1985
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about me
(Formerly known as jrocker, I am making this my new main journal, so everything is being transfered over at the moment)

Welcome to my personal journal! This journal is friends only, if you would like to be added then please scroll down and read the rules under the "Friends Only" section then leave a comment on my Friends Only post.

This journal is about my private 22-year old life, who am I? Well I'm majoring in Psychology, I'm a scorpio, I enjoy knitting, making graphics, writing, and being with my family. Communities section of my user info.

ME & EASON (義勝)

Please read the rules below and if you think you will have a major problem following any of them please re-consider adding me and requesting I add you.
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friends only
Thats right, the dreaded locked journal ^^ However I will add pretty much anybody who requests to be able to read my entries. All I ask is that you MUST read my facts and rules below. By leaving a comment on my FO post requesting to be added, you are agreeing to the rules.

Important Facts about me: Please consider these before adding me

[x] I am Pro-Choice
[x] I am a Democrat
[x] I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan
[x] I am Agnostic
[x] I say whatever I want in my journal because..it is MY journal!

Now...does this mean you have to agree to any of the things I have said above to be able to to be friended by me??? NO! All I ask, is that you respect my ideas in my journal. Please do not push your ideas or beliefs on me and everything will be fine ^^

There are a few rules/standards that I ask you follow when requesting to be added:

1. Please do not ask to be added if you NEVER EVER comment! I clean up my friends list a lot and the people who never leave comments are usually the first to go.

2. You MUST add me first, if I decided I want to add you I will wait until you have added me first

3. Please let me know if you would like to be on my Harry Potter filter, I have LJ friends who don't like HP so I simply don't put them on the filter and they never have to read about it :)

4. If you could please tell me how you found my journal or why you want me to add you that would help me a lot ^^

5. What I say in my journal STAYS in my journal. Never re-post anything I have said or anything else I request you not to repost (Such as graphics or music)

....Don't worry :) This may seem like a lot of rules but its just to be on the safe side, I really enjoy adding friends and reading other peoples journals.

Okay! Want me to add you to my Friends List? Please post a comment here! ^_^

Communities I run/Mod</u></b>: Please join! :)

Personal/General communities:
lavender_tea-Where I post all my graphics for all to enjoy!
round_eye_girl-When I go to Taiwan I write my entries here.

Icontest communities:
jmusic_awards-A Jrock/Jpop icontest community
hello_awards-H!P project icontest community
jaychou_awards-Jay Chou icontest community

Stamping/Sorting Communities:


hogwarts_elite:: Sorted into Hufflepuff
hogwarts_rising:: Sorted into Hufflepuff
smrating:: Stamped Sailor Neptune
morning_beauty:: Stamped Konno Asami :: Application
sm_villains:: Stamped Black Lady :: Application
stamped_hp:: Stamped Susan Bones :: Application

Music Trade:
If you are looking for my music list it can be found Here.

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